Corvallis, OR – June 1, 2020 – With ever-growing transportation needs and the arrival of autonomous vehicles, the security of traffic signal cabinets is of paramount importance. CyberLock, Inc. offers electronic locks specifically designed to retrofit into existing traffic cabinets, allowing transportation departments to secure traffic signal cabinets with ease.The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) recently deployed the CyberLock system, securing transportation assets throughout the state. UDOT purchased 1700 CyberLock cylinders and 200 CyberKey smart keys. The CyberLock system was deployed to help meet the FHWA Best Practice guidelines. CyberLock helps UDOT efficiently manage access to traffic signal cabinets by providing physical security and restricting unauthorized access, all with minimal oversight and resources.

Prior to implementing CyberLock, UDOT used standard #2 mechanical keys to secure critical assets. With a mechanical solution, UDOT struggled to effectively manage access to traffic signal cabinets and other resources. In addition to operational headaches and added costs, #2 mechanical keys are easily obtained from a variety of sources, including EBAY. UDOT recognized that it needed to find a new solution for securing the traffic cabinets in one of the nation’s fastest growing states.

The CyberLock system has helped UDOT effectively manage access to critical resources, enforce personnel compliance with standards and procedures, and ensure the security of traffic signals throughout the state.

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